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Welcome to Ask Homeopath

Welcome to AskHomeopath, this website offers you online homeopathy consultation for all your health concerns through holistic approach of homeopathy.

AskHomeopath is a virtual online homeopathic clinic for consultation service that you can avail of, from the comfort of your home or office. It is Your One-Stop solution for all health complaints that requires Homeopathy!

At AskHomeopath you are in the hands of an experienced homeopathic doctor. Expert opinions and treatment from qualified Homeopaths will now be accessible online so that anyone who needs it can benefit from it anytime and anywhere.

Now no more running around for getting an appointment for Homeopathic treatment, no more waiting in long queues at your doctor clinic. The services of an expert Homeopath from AskHomeopath will now be available for you at any time and any place that you desire.

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  • Homeopathy in Fever

    A rise in the temperature of the body; frequently a symptom of infection. A fever occurs when your temperature rises above its normal range. Whats normal for you may be a little higher or lower than the average temperature of 98.6 F. Thats why its hard to say just what a fever is. But a significant fever is usually defined as an oral or ear temperature of 102 F or a rectal temperature of 103 F. If you are an adult, a fever may be uncomfortable, but it usually is not dangerous unless it rises above 103 F. For very young children and infants, however, even slightly elevated temperatures may indicate a serious infection.

  • Homeopathic medicines for bedwetting

    Homeopathic treatment for bedwetting in children Homeopathy is a very effective natural treatment for enuresis. The homeopathic remedies for bedwetting are perfectly safe. These natural homeopathic remedies do not have any side effects at all. Safety of the medicines is a major issue when you are to give any medicine to your child. Therefore it is of utmost importance that the medicines should be completely safe. Homeopathic remedies are known to be perfectly safe and have been tried by millions of patients all over the world over the last 2 centuries.

  • Baby care

    There is so much information to take in when you become a parent. Here we take you through some of the daily basics of caring for your baby. It is funny how before you had kids the last thing you would want to talk about was how you change diaper of baby, let alone what was inside the diaper. Now it is one of your biggest concerns and high on the topic list between you and your partner and your circle of friends. Bath time is about so much more than just washing skin of you baby. In fact you can make it into what ever you like, a relaxing and soothing time just before bedtime or a chance to extend play time and have some fun and laughs.

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